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Through practicing accompaniment, Zambia Gold cultivates a Partnership between students from Gonzaga University and the people of Zambezi, Zambia in pursuit of sustainable economic and educational development.

Our Story

Welcome to Zambia Gold!

Zambia Gold is a non-profit organization run by students from Gonzaga University’s Comprehensive Leadership Program (CLP) that exports fair trade goods from the Northwest Province of Zambia.

Through practicing accompaniment, Zambia Gold cultivates a Partnership between students from Gonzaga University and the people of Zambezi, Zambia in pursuit of sustainable economic and educational development. To learn more about our products, such as our organic forest honey, please follow the links to the left.

Throughout the years, the Zambia Gold team would not be able to accomplish the work we do to assist the people of Zambia if it weren’t for the generosity and support of so many. We wish to thank all those who have opened their hearts in true Zambian fashion to the mission and vision of Zambia Gold. We look forward to continuing to spread this message of hope with you for years to come. Keep spreading the love, and share the Gold.

Our Goals

We invite you to join us in enjoying some of the world's most unique honey while making a difference in this world we call home.

Our Story - The Zambia Gold Time Line

Summer of 2007 - 10 Gonzaga University students in the Comprehensive Leadership Program (CLP) engage in a month-long service-learning immersion trip in Zambezi, Zambia. While there, the students live in a small village and work on various service projects focusing on teaching literacy to local Zambians. After tasting pure African honey, students spend time within the country with local bee farmers, members of local government, and the Zambezi Catholic Mission exploring ways to provide a sustainable market for fair trade organic forest honey in the United States. Zam-Bee-A Honey Inc., a company founded by two former Peace Corp volunteers, were willing to partner with the Gonzaga University students to provide Zambian honey to sell in the United States and return all profits back to Zambia to support educational growth.

November of 2007 - Zambia Gold Organic Forest Honey receives their first shipment and begin to sell the honey at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA.

2008 - The Murdock Charitable Trust provides a significant grant to Gonzaga University's Comprehensive Leadership Program to support Zambia Gold student interns. To date, Murdock has given over $100,000 to student interns involved in Zambia Gold, providing a rich educational experience for Gonzaga students and enriching a sustainable partnership with Zambian beekeepers.

2009 — Zambia Gold expands its product market, services and programs. Zambia Gold begins importing chitenge (native Luvale word for wrap) bags, hand-crafted products made from traditional African fabric by men and women who receive a fair wage.

2010 — Zambia Gold began partnering with a rising nonprofit in Northwest Zambia, SEPA (Save Environment and People Agency) to sell eco-friendly jewelry crafted by women in the community to support microfinance initiatives.

2012 — Zambia Gold begins selling hand-woven baskets purchased from a local, handicapped woman from Zambezi and expands it market by selling honey and chitenge bags in new local markets (Sun People) and online at www.GreenCupboards.com

2013 - Not only did the team welcome three new outstanding interns, mark the transition from the traditional glass jars to the new user-friendly plastic pouches, introduce a new, modern brand design and marketing logo, develop four new, sustainable community partnerships to sell our products, get multi-media coverage of our mission and story, we ALSO had one of the most successful fiscal years in the history of Zambia Gold.

Our Honey

Our honey is fair trade, natural, and organically certified. Zambia Gold honey has a rich aroma and dark color unique to Zambia. The pure flavor of our product comes to life whether it is used in cooking, as a topping, marinade, or eaten by the spoonful.

Zambia Gold Forest Honey is produced in an 11,000 square mile virgin forest in Zambia, in Southern Africa, far from industry, commercial farming, towns and large populations. All of the land within the bee's flying radius is certified organic, and the entire operation is inspected yearly. Zambia Gold is USDA certified 100% organic by Oregon Tilth. The USDA seal on the label guarantees that Zambia Gold is grown, harvested, and bottled in an environment free from pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and genetically engineered crops. Our farmers are independent cultivators who learned the craft from their ancestors, and continue to use those same methods today. Our beekeepers often scale forty-foot trees to obtain the best crop possible.

All of our honey is purchased to maximize profits for the beekeepers, and all profits from the sales of Zambia Gold go directly back to the Zambezi community; the heart of our Giving Back is rooted in the belief that education is the only way to escape the cycle of poverty. This is why 100% of Zambia Gold profits are given to the Chilena Basic School. We commit to supporting the Northwest Province of Zambia, and as our sales grow so too will our ability to help the beekeeping community, the children of Zambezi, and the greater Zambian community.

Giving Back

Zambia Gold is a Gonzaga University student initiative committed to empowering the people of Zambia. We are ardent believers that education is the key to ending the adverse poverty experienced by most families in Zambia. Therefore, all of our profits go toward the Chilena Basic Upper School, in Zambezi, Zambia.

Currently the school in Chilena holds two class sessions a day to accommodate the over eight hundred students in only nine classrooms. For these eight hundred students there are twenty-two teachers and six student teachers who, on average, make less than one dollar a day. We passionately believe in education, and we find it difficult to imagine how a child can see the benefit of schooling when they can barely see the teacher over the ocean of students crammed into classrooms.

Over the next five years, the goal is to not only support the upkeep of the school but to make it a functional place of learning. We hope to raise the capital to bring electricity to the school, finish a three classroom addition, and supplement the teacher salaries to keep the talented people working at Chilena. Additionally, Zambia Gold is currently working to build the only library in the region, hosted by Chilena Basic.

Zambia Gold wishes to do more than simply hand out money or physical goods. Founded by Gonzaga University students who have lived and worked in the Zambezi community, there is an understanding of the incredible and beautiful products the Zambian people can produce. Through empowering the people of Zambia, it is time to put value back in education for the thousands of children in the Northwest Province of Zambia. It is not our wish to force business or capitalistic economy upon the Zambian people; rather, open the eyes of the children to choices, and let the future build itself.

The Team

Connor House

Manager of Publicity and Communications

Gonzaga University 2015
Major: Political Science and International Relations
Hometown: Bonney Lake, Washington

Why Zambia Gold?

“I really want to contribute to an organization that works across boarders to better a society through a sustainable, and cultural product, like honey from Zambia.”

Hayley Medeiros

Manager of Accounts and Inventory

Gonzaga University 2015
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Reno, Nevada

Why Zambia Gold?

“Zambia Gold has presented me with the opportunity to learn about Zambia while incorporating a true business environment. I really wanted to find a way to explore the Zambian culture before traveling to Zambia. Being able to reflect, with a small community, on the adventure ahead, while at the same time, being able to make a difference, is amazing- a truly unique opportunity. I am very excited to be able to continue my Zambia experience at school after traveling as well.”

Lucia Baldwin

Manager of Product Development and Editing

Gonzaga University 2015
Major: English, with Teacher Certification, and a Minor in Religious Studies
Hometown: Spokane, Washington

Why Zambia Gold?

“I believe in the mission of this organization, and I am excited about the opportunity to use my gifts and talents to promote this product, the message it tells, and the story of Zambia.”

Brady Essmann

Chief Executive of Operations and Public Relations

Gonzaga University 2014
Major: Communications/English Writing Track
Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Why Zambia Gold?

“Being a part of this team and community has been a true blessing in that it’s allowed me to spread a message of hope and empowerment that I learned during my time in Zambia. At the heart of its mission, Zambia Gold reminds me that there is so much one individual can do to make a difference in the lives of others – whether that be in sharing a story, being men and women for and with others, or investing in their potential.”

Blake Carr

Chief Executive of Operations and Community Outreach

Gonzaga University 2014
Major: Political Science/International Relations
Hometown: Sacramento, California

Why Zambia Gold?

“I got involved in Zambia Gold as a way of staying connected to the Zambia experience. Zambia Gold keeps me bound to that sense of community known only to those areas of life where one lives in open and honest mutuality with his peers. ZG allows me the opportunity to instill the same hope for a happy, healthy, and prosperous future in communities outside the one I experience in Zambia.”

Constanza Ponce de Leon

Chief Executive of Marketing and Design

Gonzaga University 2014
Major: Political International Relations
Hometown: San Diego, California

Why Zambia Gold?

“Ever since I heard about this student run non-profit freshman year of college, I admired the organization's mission and believed in the purity of the products. Knowing that the profits that are raised directly influence the community that welcomed me and many other Gonzaga students with open arms and open hearts provides me with incomparable motivation to introduce Zambia Gold's one of kind products to as many people as our work can reach.”

Josh Armstrong

Zambia Gold Faculty Advisor

Director of the Comprehensive Leadership Program, an undergraduate academic leadership program at Gonzaga University.

Why Zambia Gold?

I have been involved with Zambia Gold since its inception in 2007. Each May, I travel with Gonzaga students to Zambezi, Zambia where we experience a deeper understanding of culturally aware leadership, a greater sense of self-awareness, and a passion for service-learning.


Where is Zambezi Zambia?

Zambezi is a little village in the North Western Province of Zambia. It is a place that we have an enduring and evolving relationship with the CLP (Comprehensive Leadership Program) at Gonzaga University. Every summer, Gonzaga sends a group of students to participate in the Gonzaga-In-Zambezi study abroad program to accompany members of the village in various projects, and in keeping strong the relationship between us.

Who is involved?

Right now we have 6 Interns sponsored by the Murdock Charitable Trust—Brady Essmann, Blake Carr, Constanza Ponce de Leon, Conner House, Hayley Medeiros and Lucia Baldwin. We are all students at Gonzaga University, and our advisor is Dr. Joshua Armstrong.

How can I order some honey?

Please see the “Order Now” link. Thank you for your support!

Do you sell anything else?

Yes! We sell bags, yoga bags, and aprons, all made out of chitenge (African fabric) material. We also sell hand-made baskets and jewelry.

Where does the money go?

All of our profits go back to empower the people of Zambezi and the surrounding area. These are their products, and so this is all going back to them, to help with whatever is needed in their community. Currently, the money is going toward building a library at the Chileng’a Basic School – the same school where many of our Gonzaga students teach literacy during the summer. This will be the only library in the Zambezi district and it is nearly completed!

Can I donate?

We love and appreciate donations! You can donate to:
Gonzaga University CLP
502 E Boone Ave MSC 2616
Spokane WA 99258

How can I get Zambia Gold to be sold at my business?

Contact us! You can email us at zambiagold@gmail.com!

Useful links:

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Please use the link below to connect to our secure online ordering location.

The link will direct you to Cashnet where you can place your order for pure Zambia Gold Honey.

The price per jar is $10.00, and there is an additional $4.50 charge for shipping per jar. Each 12oz. jar is $12.00. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

If you have any questions about ordering or would like to place a large shipment please contact us at zambiagold@gmail.com.

Zambia Gold Honey is also available for sale on the Gonzaga University campus in the Crosby Student Center. Students can buy honey with their meal plan dining dollars at most on-campus dining locations as well.

Thank you for your business!
Follow this link: https://commerce.cashnet.com/zambiagold