Zambia Gold honey has a rich aroma and dark color unique to Zambia. The pure flavor of our product comes to life whether it is used in cooking, as a topping, marinade, or eaten by the spoonful. It produced in an 11,000 square mile forest, far from industry, commercial farming, and large populations.


All of the land within the bee's flying radius is certified organic, and the entire operation is inspected yearly. Zambia Gold is USDA certified 100% organic by Oregon Tilth. The USDA seal on the label guarantees that Zambia Gold is grown, harvested, and bottled in an environment free from pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and genetically engineered crops. Our farmers are independent cultivators who learned the craft from their ancestors, and continue to use those same methods today. Our beekeepers often scale forty-foot trees to obtain the best crop possible.

Fair Trade

All of our honey is purchased to maximize profits for the beekeepers, and all profits from the sales of Zambia Gold go directly back to the Zambezi community: 100% of Zambia Gold profits are given to the Chilena Basic School. We commit to supporting the Northwest Province of Zambia, and as our sales grow so too will our ability to help the beekeeping community, the children of Zambezi, and the greater Zambian community.

our mission

Zambia Gold is a non-profit organization run entirely by students from Gonzaga University that exports fair trade goods from the Northwestern Province of Zambia. Through practicing accompaniment, Zambia Gold cultivates a partnership between students from Gonzaga and the people of Zambezi, Zambia in pursuit of sustainable economic and educational development.


We invite you to join us in enjoying some of the world's most unique honey while contributing to the economic and educational empowerment of Zambezi. All profits from the honey go toward the Chilena Basic Upper School, in Zambezi, Zambia.

Currently the school in Chilena holds two class sessions a day to accommodate the over eight hundred students in only nine classrooms with twenty-three teachers and six student teachers. We passionately believe in education, and we have seen first hand the difficulties these children face when they can barely see the teacher over the ocean of students crammed into classrooms.


Over the next five years, the goal is to support educational priorities set by the Zambezi community. We have been working to raise the capital to bring electricity to the school, finish a three classroom addition, and complete the district's first library. The development of this library has gained significant community support and will house 20,000 books and be a meaningful resource for the Chilena Basic School, as well as the Zambezi community.

Each Zambia Gold intern, at some point during her or his time at Gonzaga, travels to Zambezi and spends a month immersed in the beautiful Zambian community. It is not our wish to force business or capitalistic economy upon the people of this community; rather, let us open the eyes of the children to education, and let the future build itself.

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Please use the link below to connect to our secure online ordering location. The link will direct you to Cashnet where you can place your order for pure Zambia Gold Honey. The price per pouch is $10.00, and there is an additional $4.50 charge for shipping per pouch. Each pouch is 13 oz. We accept Visa and Mastercard. If you have any questions about ordering or would like to place a large shipment please contact us at Zambia Gold Honey is also available for sale on the Gonzaga University campus in the Crosby Student Center. Students can buy honey with their meal plan dining dollars at most on-campus dining locations as well.